Can AC run on a solar panel?

In the present scenario, Air Conditioners are one of the most used electric appliances. The count of installation of ACs is increasing day by day at homes, shops, offices, and schools due to the deteriorating weather conditions. Though, Air Conditioner is a power-consuming electric appliance that leads to more consumption of power. Still, the users forget their high electricity bills when it comes to the comfort of using ACs.  As we chabhalrenewableenergy the solar panel company in Amritsar will discuss can ac run with solar panel.

Run ac with Solar Panel

People are more educated at present times as compared to previous times, they always look out for alternatives so that they can reduce their power consumption as well as electricity bills while continuing to use Air Conditioners. Well! if you want to attain both the goals the efficient method is to get solar systems installed at your homes, offices, schools, or shops and use the solar energy for running ACs. If there was a question in your mind if ACs can run on solar systems or not, then the answer is a big yes.

With the enhancement in power problems, power tariffs, and decline in the prices of solar panels, many people, nowadays, are installing solar panels at their homes or offices. Keep in mind to install your solar panels by trustworthy solar manufacturers because it will solve your electricity problems and will last long as well.

You can run ACs on solar power as well. If you are still confused then understand the whole process:

Generally, there are two types of solar systems such as off-grid solar systems and on-grid solar systems.

Off-grid solar system uses solar energy without any dependency on a grid. It is composed of solar panels, batteries, and inverters. Whilst, On-grid solar system uses a grid for the generation of electricity to run electronic appliances. These systems comprise solar panels as well as an inverter. For running ACs, you can opt either of the two systems.

To run ACs, the On-grid system needs high kVA inverters for handling high loads, You can use 3 kW to 10kW capacity on-grid solar systems for running the ACs comfortably in large offices and homes. Using net metering policies, you can avail the benefits of a credit on your electricity bills. You can reduce the bills of power consumption by running ACs using solar energy whereas the Off-grid solar system can run ACs even with the help of a solar battery.

It is suggested to get your solar systems installed through government authorized solar manufacturers only. They have a license from the government which makes them trustworthy in the solar panel system industry.

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