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Things to Review Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

Nowadays, many people, around the United States, have started investing in solar panel systems. They are starting to outfit their roofs with solar panels. Do you know why? There has seen an incredible advancement in solar power technology in recent years. Moreover, it is a wonderful way to produce electricity by installing solar panels on your roof and you can utilize this electricity for your home and business and the grid as well, without impacting on the environment. in this article here we will tell you things to keep in mind before installation rooftop solar panel

However, you need to consider many things before starting the installation process. Given below is a list of things you should consider before installing rooftop solar panels.

 Maintenance of roof

Before installing solar panels, consider how old is your roof? If your roof is damaged then it is not the best idea to install solar panels. First, you need to take care of your roof repairs.

One more thing to consider is the warranty on your roof. For an illustration, suppose you have solar panels that may last for 20 years but your roof will only last between 10 – 15, it is cleared that it will increase the cost of maintenance.

 The shape of your roof

Before installation of the solar panel, ensure that there is enough space to install the solar panel on your roof.

 Direction for the slopes of your roof face

Specific placement is required for generating the maximum amount of power. Nearly all professionals recommend south as the best placement for the panels face whereas some say west.

 The weight that your roof can handle 

Solar panels increase the weight on your roof’s structure. If the weight is too much to handle, potentially that your roof will collapse which could be dangerous. For avoiding such conditions, having a professional is critical for evaluating, if some support is required for completing the installation or not.

 Water drainage

When rains happen and water runs down the roof, equipment of installed solar panels such as wire harnesses and racking can prevent the water from draining properly. Sometimes, they may create leak which needs repair.

For avoiding these issues, inform your contractor regarding such concerns to plan the installation that will not impact the water runoff in any way.

Other surprises of nature

Your solar power system may need to deal with severe weather such as hurricanes, hail, lightning storms and many more. Insurance may cover such types of events.
Connecting your solar power system to the grid is also a considerable matter. You need to determine ample of things while connecting with a local utility.

Signing a Contract

Make your research before signing any agreement. Shop around and try to get reviews from different contractors. 
After that, you can compare their quotes for making the best decision
Look out for a few things in the agreement while signing a contract:

performance expectations

financing expectations

ownership expectations

 Do not pick the cheapest options

Investing your money in the cheapest solar panels can leave you in the dark as they will be less durable. Due to less durability, they make decrease your investment value and potential future savings as well.

What about warranties?

Warranties play an important role in protecting your solar panels. If solar panels got some problem, a warranty will help you to keep the manufacturer accountable even without paying any extra cost.


Ample of problems may arise during the installation of solar panels, thus, having insurance helps you to cover damage during installation.

 Do not do it yourself

There are professionals who can install a solar panel at your home. it is suggested that do not try to do the installation of the solar panel on your own. Otherwise, many things could go wrong including:

Wiring Problems: Wiring can be done with electrical elements. If you tried and set up incorrectly, it can generate electricity shocks. Therefore, it is better to consult an electrician.

Leaky Roof: For installing solar panels, it is required to create holes in the roof. Doing it yourself, you may damage your roof which will cause leaks.

Code Compliance and Safety Standards: Warranties of the solar panel require installation by a registered professional. Otherwise, warranties become void and you will not receive any compensation if any damage occurs.


Points to remember about the maintenance

If you want to keep your solar panels working as well as your roof in good condition, you need to establish proper maintenance procedures. For this, you should find out the maintenance procedures from your contractor before beginning the installation process.

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