What is Off-Grid Solar System? How does off-grid solar power work?


Do you wonder how does an off grid solar system work? We will discuss it, first, let’s talk about green energy. Green energy as well as alternate power system has been across the globe for many years now. These systems have slowly become more efficient and more effective.

There are different ways to make green energy such as solar power, wind power, water and even there are hybrid systems as well. The hot favorite of all these systems is solar power. Solar power is a system that utilizes a panel for collecting the sunlight and converting the UltraViolet rays into the form of sustainable energy.

What Is an off Grid Solar System?

Now, we will discuss off grid solar system. This system utilizes the principles of solar power. By this, we mean that there are panels in this system which collect the energy of the sun. After collecting the initial energy, it is sent to a solar inverter which transmits this power to a battery inverter.

From battery inverter, this energy is utilized to power home electronic appliances. The unused green energy created goes to the battery bank that saves it for your home appliances for using at night.


Over past years, major improvements have been seen in technology of off grid power system. It has become cheaper as well as more efficient.

Here, given below is the discussion about the working of a remote power generation system.

  • When sun rays fall over the solar panels, DC electricity gets generated
  • The produced DC is transmitted to regulator that is used for controlling the charge
  • Due to this procedure, Solar batteries get charged
  • Appliances that run on 12 volts, can be operated off the batteries or the current can be routed using an inverter for converting to AC electricity.


To select a remote power generation system

It is difficult to get the correct system to fulfill your needs as most of the time, it depends upon the place you are living. You should have a look of our best system builder tool for getting a view of the required components. For perfect advice, you can email our friendly team!

To install off grid solar panel

If you wish, you can install the remote power system by your own. On the other hand, if you find any difficulty, our licensed off grid installers are available to you for providing you with the best services.

Points to remember for installing your own solar power system, the face with glass should be positioned at 90 degrees with respect to sun. For determining the optimum angle, use our system builder.

Thereafter, you can start your off grid power generation system!

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