Solar energy work on cloudy days

Do solar panels work on cloudy days?

There have seen a great advancement in the technology of solar over the past ten years, and the popularity of solar panels has been increasing day by day. According to the survey, the count of installation of solar panels became two million-plus in the year 2019, and it is expected the count will be double by 2023. todays we will let you know Is solar panel work in cloudy days

However, the system of solar panels is not new, still, there are a plethora of people who do not know how the technology of solar panels works. They do not exactly know the procedure of solar panel systems to produce electricity? Does solar panel work on cloudy days?

What do you understand by solar panels?

In the beginning, you should know about solar panels. These are composed of smaller units which are called solar cells. They work by collecting the sunlight. After gathering sunlight, they convert it into DC. A solitary panel may produce sufficient electricity for one or two smaller home appliances. For creating a solar panel to power a building, an array of solar panel systems is required that are connected.

 How does a solar panel work?

The solar panel system transforms sunlight into DC power which then transmits via the inverter. Thereafter, this power gets transformed to AC power. AC power helps you to run on your household appliances such as television, refrigerator and more.

When more light struck the solar cells, solar systems produce more power.

 Working of solar panels on cloudy days

Well! the answer of this question is, a big yes. The solar panel systems work on cloudy days as well but the problem is, they may not work as efficiently as they work on sunny days. You can expect the solar panels for producing low amount of power output, however, it depends on the thickness the cloud covers. There is another surprising twist, however solar panels work far better on a sunny day as compared to cloudy days, they do not work effectively in hot climates.

Due to this reason, solar panel systems work more effectively in some areas. As an illustration, although Las Vegas city has hotter days as compared to San Francisco, solar panels produce more power in San Francisco than Las Vegas.

Another surprising thing to know about is that solar panel systems are more famous in many places that remain overcast most of the time, such as Seattle, America. On the other hand, Portland, the second top-most cloudiest city, is one of the top cities for the installation of solar panels in the United States.

Summarising: It is a false statement if someone says solar panels do not work on cloudiest days, they work but less efficiently. On the other hand, solar panel systems performance drops in hot climates.

The efficiency of solar panels under different weather conditions depending on the brand of a solar panel. Due to this reason, we recommend you to check out customer reviews on the product for more information before installing any solar panel. You can also talk to a solar company customer care for discussing your queries.

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